2010 Acura NSX Is Real After All

Even though we thought the Acura Advanced Sports Car Concept from the 2007 Detroit Auto Show was a bit of a stinker when it came to telegraphing the 2010 Acura NSX, it looks like the shape has finally evolved into the real deal. That’s right, here is the first look we’ve gotten at the front-engined successor to the mid-engined supercar. Clad in heavy camo, the scion of the NSX is rumored to be sporting a V10 under that long bonnet, and we wouldn’t be surprised to hear of some magical transmission trickery either. We also wouldn’t be surprised if they pulled a fast one and released it as a 2009 model, considering how far along this one seems. But all of this has us a bit… confused.

New Acura NSX Has Us Rethinking What An NSX Is

2009 Acura NSX 2009 Acura NSX 2009 Acura NSX 2009 Acura NSX 2009 Acura NSX 2009 Acura NSX

The original NSX was considered the everyday supercar — something you could live with, service, and easily get parts for. Hell, half the engine was straight out of a Honda Accord. With a fancy new engine, and most likely all kinds of crazy tech gizmos, will the new NSX just be an also-ran in a wide field of $100k+ sporting coupes? Guess we’ll find out. But we don’t want to be Negative Nancys this early in the morning — so yay new NSX! Check out the stacked quad tailpipes, fancy aluminum suspension and shiny LED tail lamps. But let’s see what the KGP spy shooters have to say about it:

It appears that Acura has finally settled on a direction for the next-
generation NSX, as evidenced by this prototype that has popped up on
the public roads surrounding the Nürburgring.Rumors of design dissent have plagued the new NSX program since Acura’s
Advanced Sports Car Concept debuted to a lukewarm reception at
Detroit’s North American International Auto Show in January 2007. The
resulting uncertainty reportedly delayed the introduction of the
production NSX at last fall’s Tokyo Motor Show, while Acura decided on
a true design direction for the supercar. Now that things have
apparently sorted themselves out, we can break down the design
decisions that Acura has made.

It appears that the general layout of Acura’s Advanced Sports Car
Concept has survived, but changes have been made to increase the level
of aggresion for the NSX. The prototype’s nose shows marked changes
over the concept, with two large, wide-set intakes flanking an even
larger central grille. The result is a less pretty, but more
aggressive face. The concept’s straight slit-like headlights have
been ditched in favor of more expressive lights that have an angular,
notchy quality to their shape.

The general shape of the NSX’s profile looks very similar to the
concept, although a taller, more production-feasible greenhouse
appears to be in play on the test vehicle. The side sculpting has
also been reworked with the prototype’s convex rocker panels jutting
outward, instead of the concept’s lower rockers, which tucked
gracefully under the car. Once again, the end result is a more
muscled look for the production model.

The production NSX retains the concept’s dual stacked exhaust set-up,
but rest of the rear bumper is completely different, with reconfigured
air ducts now stretching all the way across the back. The aesthetic
result is a more squat, athletic stance for the production NSX. The
prototype’s flowing, fastback rear deck also shows significant changes
over the concept’s more svelte look. The rear hatch now kicks up
between the tail-lights, which gives the prototype a more broad-
shouldered look to match the likes of the Nissan GT-R. New tail-
lights complete the package, although it’s hard to tell if they will
stretch all the way across the tail, or if they’ll be confined to the
outer flanks.


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