2010 Ford Harley-Davidson F-150: Hog Lovers Rejoice!

The 2010 Ford Harley-Davidson F-150 is the latest in Ford’s line of co-branded trucks combining the popularity of the F-150 and the style of Harley-Davidson. But what kind of substance lies beneath the style?

If nothing else, the 2010 Ford Harley-Davidson F-150 certainly captures the Harley attitude; It’s dark, it’s brooding, and it wears its chrome proudly. Like the motorcycles it channels and despite all the festooning of the Harley badges, it doesn’t offer any more oomph in the go-fast department than the regular version. It gets the same 320 HP 5.4-liter you’ll find in the engine bay of the regular 2009 Ford F-150 mated to a six speed automatic powering the rear wheels or an optional Harley-unique driveline, which can be operated in 4×2 mode, AWD or 4×4 high. The suspension, on the other hand, is completely retuned for a sportier ride with more aggressive springs and shocks as well as a thicker anti-roll bar. The truck takes advantage of the sportier tune with some custom 22 inch wheels shod in 275 series, low profile, high performance Pirelli Scorpion Zeros.

Upgraded hardware is nice and all, but let’s be honest, the crew-cab-only Harley F-150 is all about styling, and if you’re into the bike-makers design mantra, this new truck doesn’t disappoint. The front end is completely redesigned, sporting a Harley specific six bar billet-style chrome grille with painted surround, unique upper and lower front bumper treatment, and color matched headlight clusters. Down the side of the truck there are two things you’ll notice and one you might not. The readily apparent details are the enormous bits of Harley badging at the front and rear fenders along with the splash of color at the rocker panel. What you might not notice is the automatic fold-down running board swiped from the F-150 Platinum edition, when enabled it comes in handy if you’re on the short side and then tucks up neatly under the truck when the doors close. The truck gets slathered in two color options, Tuxedo Black, and a Lava Red (pictured) which is so dark when not under studio lighting you can barely tell it’s a red.

The interior is where the truck gets serious about being Harley-centric. The heated and cooled front seats wear aniline leather patterned after a motorcycle jacket, with decorative shoulder snaps at the top, flexible elbow sections on the sides bolsters, real Harley zippers to close the map pocket in the back, and a red perforated leather seating surface. They also get some fancy, hand-made fired glass cloisonne badges stuck right between your shoulder blades. Despite having two exterior shades, there’s only one interior color — Lava Red. On the inside the color takes on a different meaning than outside, it’s an anodized finish which shifts color a bit between red and a gray-green. It gets slathered on the center stack, shifter console, and the gauge cluster. The interior is finished off with a big Harley-Davidson plaque on the armrest bearing the truck’s number in the build series. We’re not going to say the package is something we’d check the option box for, considering the price tag on this puppy will probably be pretty lofty, but for guys into this kind of stuff, it’s a darn stylish truck. It might be easier to understand the draw of the Harley F-150 if we understood the draw of Harley-Davidson’s to begin with, but to each his own. Watch for the unveil of the 2010 Ford Harley-Davidson F-150 later this week, live from the floor of the 2009 Chicago Auto Show, but until then check out the complete details below.


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