HONDA 3R-C, minimalism to the urban commuter more crowded city traffic and parking so narrow, causing the car designers and manufacturers interested in the vehicle plus small. One of them is Honda Motor. For that, at the Geneva Motor Show will be held from 4 until March 14 next, Honda will display a concept vehicle that future jagoandi once served as the arena, the 3R-C-powered electricity.

Honda rate, the new concept is quite radical. The reason, small vehicles like three-wheeled motorcycle is – two in front and one rear – to use the wheel like a car. Hence, 3R-C known as the commuter town of minimalistic without emissions.

Although not explain its dimensions, but with a minimalist posture, vehicle considered able to move or make a quick maneuver in city traffic is dense. In addition, more easily parked. Level of comfort and safety are also much better than a motorcycle ride. Because the body and doors protect the rider go.

Motor vehicle looks quite expressive tricycle and can only be ridden by a rider (no lift). Characteristic of other 3R-C, equipped with a canopy that covers the seat or the interior when the vehicle is parked or not in use.

Once executed, the canopy will serve as a shield or a protective front (windshield) which protects pengedaranya with a lower sitting position. Moreover, in the front disediakntempat can save items in the key.

According to Honda, this new concept vehicle is the result of European designer who worked for the Research and Design


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