history of piramid

In the history of pyramid construction has long been used. Nation of ancient Egyptian and Mayan pyramids known to use the buildings as the tomb of the kings of the past as well as means of worship (worship) besides there are allegations as landfills (storage) of food since the time of the Prophet Joseph as preparation for a bad season or where the treasure.

In some areas of Indonesia, known for building a pyramid-like construction of the penden berundak said to be the prototype of the pyramid, and temples including the temple similar to the construction of the pyramid is the temple of Borobudur Temple Sukuh even be said to be the form of a modified pyramid construction

Various analysis of the use of pyramid construction. Some call it a UFO heritage buildings on the grounds there is a pyramid-like structure found on Mars that is one degree of latitude is equal to the degrees of latitude on Earth, some are saying relics of civilization of Atlantis and some say that the construction of the pyramid is used on the grounds that the old civilization , humans have difficulty to make the construction of the dome. Therefore, the pyramid is used to facilitate construction. Construction of the new dome itself is used in Roman times with the construction of concrete buildings pelengkung the Eastern Roman and enhanced in the Islamic civilization.


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