lexus CT 200h

Geneva – hatchback hybrid Lexus? Yes, perhaps some of you would ask such a question. Understandably, almost on everyone’s mind, the brand is synonymous with the car; good sized Multi-Purpose Vehicle or sedan.

But it is not groundless. Lexus Friday (26 / 2) has announced it will bringing hybrid hatchback concept to mat 2010 Geneva Motor Show, next March. In fact, the technical specifications called Lexus 200h CT was even published.

“Toyota’s luxury brand, today (Friday 26 / 2) has been presented to the public before the celebration (Geneva Motor Show) took place. Spesisikasinya Even with,” the press release as quoted autoevolution Lexus.

CT 200h is the first compact-sized models launched Lexus. Lexus hatchback that uses the energy source of the Lexus Hybrid Drive System, which is a combination of gasoline engine 1800 cc VVT-i with an electric motor.

Cars with a length of 4.32 meters (m), width 1.76 m, 1.43 m high, and axle distance 2.6 m was also loaded with advanced technology features. Regulatory tools such as driving style, became a standard tool in this car.

Tool that presents four driving forces that can be selected according to the needs and desires of the driver. All four are, eco, normal, sport, and EV.

Not to forget a single package system including a lamp lights during the day, multi-display LCD screen size of 9 inches, and the Lexus’s Remote Control multi-touch function.

Sources say the Lexus, this car went into production late 2010. While shipping a car to customers began in the first months of 2011. Only love, Lexus did not give pricing leaks how banderole these newer hatchback.


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