Murasaki Shikibu in robot form reborned by Robo-Garage

Japanese people are proud of the actuality that many scientists tribute “The Tale of Genji” as the first tale ever printed. Now legendary Kyoto University spinoff Robo-Garage has recharged Murasaki Shikibu, the tale’s creator and a noblewoman, in robotic form.

MURASAKI stands 31cm and weighs 1.5kg. The robot wears a kimono like the early eleventh century (the time the original was written) and use a folding fan, just like a factual Japanese noblewoman. A built-in MP3-player makes reliable she is able to restate her tale.

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MURASAKI robot is powered by NiMH batteries, “walks” on two wheels and moves elegantly via an 8-axis organism (2 in the shank and 3 each in her arms). Robo-Garage used the same “robot laptop” (VS-RC003HV) they size into their BLACK OX classical. The skeleton is chiefly made of plastic and aluminum.

Robo-Garage is officially promotion a handful of their robots in an affiliated (Texas-based) online shop but now, MURASAKI is only a prototype.


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