IED Tesla EYE Concept

The gaping openings on the front of the EYE design study vehicle from the Istituto Europeo di Design of Turin (IED) that’s on display at the Geneva Motor Show this week would cause troublesome impacts on airflow if they were on a real electric car, we think. In the fantasyland of the auto show floor, though, they give the concept vehicle a menacing, moose-like nose (wait, does that make sense?). At least we can hope that the 11 transportation design master course students from IED who worked with Tesla Motors‘ chief designer Franz von Holzhausen on the project enjoyed the process.

Considering there’s almost no chance we’ll ever see the EYE concept cruising the streets, we’ll just have to enjoy the car for what it is: a good-looking show car with a Tesla badge. Sure, we can imagine putting an electric powertrain in there and showing up at the soccer game in one of these, but for now we’ll just have to click through the gallery below and ask ourselves if the IED students managed to create a new status symbol with the EYE, something they said they were shooting for.


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