Ferrari Enzo gets another tuning kit

Ferrari Enzo gets another tuning kit, but this time from the German specialized in modifying Porsche models – the guys from Gemballa.

The German tuner Gemballa, specialized in modifying Porschce cars, created an extreme package for Ferrari Enzo. The result is called MIG-U1 and has a special look. The Ferrari Enzo is completely modified both on the exterior and on the interior and it is custom made for a client in Dubai.

Ferrari Enzo got a new exhaust system, a new rear bumper, a spoiler and a new front bumper. The guys from Gemballa also integrated a set of LED headlights in the front bumper of the Enzo. At the same time, the roof got an air scoop for the interior ventilation. The interior received black and red leather, sewed only with red line.

Unfortunately for Gemballa, the new MIG-U1 missed his debut at Dubai Motor Show – in case they wanted this. For the moment, the German tuners kept secret the identity of the owner or an eventual production quota for this kit. On the other hand, there is the possibility that the car made for the Dubai client is unique, meaning that this is the only apparition of the Gemballa MIG-U1 kit.


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